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Battle Beach 4 Results

Battle Beach 4

Combat Results

Weight Class
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place

Doodle Bug/ Team Ninja

Puckthud/Team Thorn
Puckpump/ Team Thorn
Pygmy Python
Peligro/ Berserk Robotics
Piranha/ Team Ninja
Pop Quiz/Team Test Bot
John Henry/ Legendary Robotics
Ron/ Overvolted Robots
Creepy Crawler/ Team-X-Bots
Pyramid of Death
Mantis From Hell/ Team V
Thwaxident/ Insane Robotics
Rhino Viper/ Team Diamond Back
Flight Risk/ Team Shenanigans
KITT/ Team Moon Robotics
Test Bot/ Team Test Bot
Totally Offensive/ Team Mad Overlord
Eat Hitch and Die/ Team Skarn
Poetic Justice/ AG Robotics
Ground Zero/ Team O-Town
Crockbot/ Team Gator
Street Thug / Team Skarn
BrainStorm/ Big Bang Robotics
Lionheart/ Team Toad
Ice Cube/ Team Toad
Eugene/ Team Moon Robotics
Pandemic/ Weapons of Miniature Destruction
Berserker/ Berserk Robotics
Super Heavyweight
Star Hawk 3.0/ Team Moon Robotics
Ziggy/ CM Robotics


Other Awards

Best Driver
Fuzzy Maudlin, Team Toad
Best Rookie
Ziggy, CM Robotics
Best Engineered
Pandemic, Weapons of Miniature Destruction
Best Sportsmanship
AG Robotics/Alex Grant
Best Dressed Team
Team Toad
Best Robot
John Henry, Legendary Robotics
Most Awesome Loss
Household Trash, Divine Mechanics
Judge's Award
Pandemic, Weapons of Miniature Destruction


Exhibition Matches

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Exhibition Matches

Fighting Robots and Teams

Come and see fighting robots compete in the Robot Fighting League's South East Championship and Qualifier to the RFL National Championship. Battle Beach features fighting robots in 10 weight classes ranging from sub 1 pound fairyweights all the way up to 340 pound super heavyweights.

Action in the Pits

Battle Beach features Fairyweight, Antweight, Beetleweight, Mantis weight, Hobbyweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight robots from all over the country and abroad.


Robot Combat Teams from all over the United States and abroad are coming sunny Florida to fight it out for their place in the RFL National Championship.

International Teams

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